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A Brand's Journey is our Passion

Soto Consulting has been helping businesses with their brand, communications and digital needs for many years. Learn more about us - our history and values.

Sõtõ is a Zen meditation practice. It represents the freeing of oneself from anchors, objects and content through clear contemplation. This mindset is critical in the reflection on brand essence, journey and purpose.

Our mission is to guide clients through a journey towards effective and value-driven approaches in all aspects of their marketing. This includes all things Brand, Communications and Digital. We build new brands and brand assets (physical and digital). We design and deliver multi-channel communication and media campaigns. We are highly experienced in driving businesses to achieve a cost-effective outcome with effective systems and digital assets.

At Soto Consulting we help our clients to assess the possibilities and direction of their brand. We are a Brand Journey consulting agency with three main focal points:

  • We ask the right questions and challenge the answers
  • We identify brand scope and direction and how to get there
  • We define the technology and systems needed to deliver and then assess the results
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Creating Sustainable Brands

We help our clients to innovatively and effectively create, curate, and capitalise on brand equity that lasts.

Telling Good Brand Stories

We keep our clients’ message engaging, utilising the latest tactics available for B2B and B2C products and services.

Building a Smarter Approach

We work with our clients to assess and define Brand Success metrics and develop strategies that we will see these maximised.

Our Values

Sustainable, Bigger Picture Brand Choices

At Soto Consulting, we are driven by a goal to make our clients’ brand decisions as sustainable as possible. Sustainable for their environment, for their business and ultimately for humanity. 

We believe that the only way to acheive this is through transparent dialogue from the first phone call until the final result.

We feel that trust is paramount if we are to deliver a consistent solution to a broad range of brand, marketing and digital requirements.

Ultimately, we understand that a brand is only as valuable as the result it delivers, be that in correlation to sales revenue, or in an equity based return to investors 25 years from now. Results matter.

But more than that, a Brand has to give back to the bigger picture of which it is a part. A brand has to be accountable.

Our History


Launch Brand Services Consultancy

We first started working to build brands for clients back in 2004. Based then in the south of the United Kingdom. Industries engaged in this first wave included: Pipeline, Technology, Publishing and Public Speakers.



Expand into Website Development

A relocation of business operations to London CBD, UK, bore clients in need of digital solutions in tandem with brand services. Early clients in this space included: Recruitment, L&D, Music and Hospitality.



Expansion Down Under

With an increasing client base across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne) a full-time presence was established to serve this market. This covered full-service offering of brand, communications, and digital services. CLients in this space included: FMCG, Technology, L&D and Music.



Canadian Presence Growth

Team and Client Partnerships led to an established reputation in Vancouver and the broader Canadian Market. A presence that today lends itself to serving the broader North American market. Key client industries include: Construction, Hospitality and FMCG.



Rebrand to Soto Consulting

A change in scale and commitment to growth for the business and its investors has meant a rebranding exercise was needed. New Industries added to the roster at this phase include: Print, Packaging, NFP, Health & Wellness, Accounting and Furniture.



New Global Head Office

With continued client relations in markets around the world, it was time to find a central location (from a timezone perspective).



Up to Speed

Today we service clients in more than 30 different industries across 6 continents. We employ a diverse team spread across the globe that include brand and communication strategists, graphic designers, digital and systems developers, content writers, and many others.


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