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Working on retainer with the Freshmax Group – we worked directly with the group’s Executive Team and Board of Directors to establish a journey to consolidating the corporate brands that existed following an extended period of growth by acquisition. This included the communication processes to garner support from heritage employees, explaining the trade-off in brand heritage for brand power. It also included the redevelopment of the two remaining businesses websites and social media presence.

At the end of the process, the client had a centralised repository of all brand assets (via Sharepoint), a twin brand strategy for their corporate brands, and a clear pathway moving forwards of how to strategically bridge the gap between these and their 40-strong portfolio of Product Brands.

The Client

The Largest Fresh Produce Supply Chain Aggregator in the Southern Hemisphere

The Scope

Consolidate eight Company Brands across the group and give unified positioning and messaging

The Outcome

Consolidated to two principal brands, with no cannibalization and shared positioning and messaging across all channels.

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