Are you eligible for The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)?

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program is the Federal Government’s cornerstone funding program, encouraging Australian businesses to seek export opportunities for their goods, services and intellectual property.
The EMDG program assists small to medium-sized Australian businesses, with turnover of less than $50 million, by reimbursing up to 50% of eligible costs associated with the development of export opportunities. There is a maximum annual grant of $150,000 available for up to 8 grant years.

How We Can Help

We will conduct an initial virtual consultation to map out a process that will best support your business. From this initial session we will work out the following aspects of future engagement:

  • Mapping your EMDG grant eligibility
  • Collation of the relevant financial documentation, including coaching on any potential eligible costs not initially identified 
  • Preparation of an ‘audit ready’ application and supporting file
  • Managing any correspondence from Austrade
  • Attending any Austrade audit meetings
  • Preparation of responses to any queries

Is it expensive to engage Soto for EMDG grant support

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Absolutely not. Unlike many others, we keep our costs to a minimum for you, and most of them are only due when its time to claim.

Unlike many of the other providers of EMDG grant support, we do not issues extortionate invoices upfront. Frankly, we do not want to invoice you until it is time to go to work for you. 

Once we have coached you and your team to understand the financial practices you should adopt to maximise your eligibility, we will step out and leave you to it. And then, when it is time to claim – then we step back in and get you the best results from your EMDG grant applications. Are invoicing reflects this low touch approach. It makes our support superbly affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So, what can you claim?

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From 1 July 2021, EMDG reform supports access to upfront grant.

Soto offers expert grant services...

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Grant Writing Services

Within its Communications services portfolio, Soto Consulting offers grant writing services across a broad range of industries. We offer a full spectrum of grant services from opportunity mapping to win strategies.

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What is an EMDG Consultant

An EMDG Consultant assists with preparing and lodging an application for the Export Market Development Grant.

Why help exporters?

The export market of any country helps its economy by bringing in foreign money, which increases the GDP of the exporting nation.

Virtually every country in the world wants its export market to develop and expand so that it can achieve a positive balance of trade through positive net exports.

However, developing an export market can be a tricky and expensive matter for local businesses, since it needs extensive research on the needs, culture, and competitors for your target market.

How the Government can help?

In order to help out the small or middle-sized businesses existing locally, the Australian Government has a financial assistance program called, “EMDG” which stands for the Export Market Development Grant.

The EMDG aims to help out those businesses that are either currently working or aspiring to export products such as goods, services, or intellectual property.

Unlike normal grant systems, companies don’t have to compete for financial assistance—applicants are entitled to funding.

EMDG, in fact, works by reimbursing 50% of an organisation’s eligible export promotional expenses, provided it has spent a minimum of $15,000 across the financial year.

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