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Brand and Branding Services form one of our core business disciplines. For us however, Brand is not a purely creative thing. It needs to drive results. It needs to engage the audience. It needs to be a brand that can go the distance for your business, your team and ultimately your customers.

Soto Consulting can offer significant expertise across all areas of brand services. From Audits and workshops to brand architecture and design. Our goal is to help businesses in their brand journey, whatever stage they may currently be at.
Brand Equity Modelling - Brand Services - Soto Consulting

Equity Modelling

When investing in brands, it is critical to understand the short and long term value they will generate. To understand their brand equity and its modelling

Brand Coaching & Workshops - Brand Services - Soto Consulting

Brand Coaching & Workshop

It is important to ensure your staff understand the power of brand and how they can help – workshops are a great way of achieving this

Brand Development - Brand Services - Soto Consulting

Brand Development

We help our clients through brand development to innovatively and effectively create, curate, and capitalise on brand equity.

Brand Audit - Brand Services - Soto Consulting

Brand Audit

Before any work can be done to drive a brand into its best future, Soto works with bsuinesses to establish the good and the bad with all current brand assets and past usage.

Brand Strategy - Brand Services - Soto Consulting

Brand Strategy

A brand and its reputation is constantly in motion, make sure your brand strategy is on track. We help build new and refine existing brand strategies.

Brand Positioning - Brand Services - Soto Consulting

Brand Positioning

For your stakeholders to get behind a brand they need to be a part of its journey and vision. They need to appreciate its brand positioning

Brand Service Summaries

Brand Audit

Before any work can be done to drive a brand into its best future, Soto works with bsuinesses to establish the good and the bad with all current brand assets and past usage. In order to know where a brand is currently going, you need to know where that brand has been. If Soto Consulting is going to help you change the direction of you brand, we must audit its history first.

Brand Coaching and Workshops

Soto Consulting offers Brand Coaching and Workshops. These are designed to help businesses to articulate what they want their brands to achieve, to say and to show of their business. Soto Consulting often uses these sessions as part of a broad Brand Audit and Brand Development process.

Brand Development

Soto Consulting are experts in Brand Development. We operate a thorough and consultative process that includes ideation, creation, consultation and refinements. We often start our brand development process with a thorough phase of research. This ensure that all brand development decisions we make are based on fact not theory.

Brand Positioning

Whenever a brand is considering a change in direction or strategy, it is critical to ensure that the positioning of the brand is setup to support and champion this brand direction. This process includes a potential need for market research, as you need to know that the market around you is as you think it is.

Brand Strategy

The most creative brand concept has the potential to fail if it is not backed up by a solid brand strategy. This must include the brands mission, vision and it must define the major levers that the brand has available to demonstrate value and loyalty with its audience. Brand Strategies go hand in hand with Brand Guidelines.

Equity Modelling

In order to understand the value of your brand, you must establish your equity structure early. This will foster a culture of brand value and brand growth. If a business can learn to see investment in brand as a proportion of brand value growth, then that same business becomes capable of branding excellence.

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We offer a huge range of services, that can be broadly broken into three main areas: Brand, Communications and Digital.

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