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It is important to ensure your staff understand the power of brand and how they can help – workshops are a great way of achieving this


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A platform to challenge the client

When people come into a branding workshop they often feel they know the brand inside out, or what they want it to be. Some stakeholders may even be slightly dismissive of the whole branding process.

The workshop forces the client to think about things in depth, and gives the opportunity to point out any contradictions between what the stakeholders want, what is achievable, and what their business really offers.

At the end of every branding workshop I’ve delivered the stakeholders always think differently to when they came into it, because they come to see things from different perspectives, including that of the outsiders’ (the workshop leaders).

What’s the point of a branding workshop?

The main reason for carrying out a branding workshop is to gather all the opinions, views and input from the client about their brand, and what they think it is or should be.

The workshop is suitable for rebrands or brand refreshes, but its contents will be adapted accordingly. They can often be more challenging in these contexts because existing thoughts, experiences and feelings of the brand colour perceptions. It can also be the case that a rebrand or refresh means you have to work around components that cannot be changed, such as the name.

A watertight roadmap

When you have stakeholder thoughts and ideas on things like values, names, colours, images and so on, it yields a strong position when presenting ideas back to them.

As long as the decisions made during brand creation and design are aligned with the outputs of the branding workshop then critiquing and feedback should be predominantly subjective. This makes the process of brand refinement easier, and again provides a useful way to guide the client if their feedback begins to take the project away from the agreed direction laid out after the workshop.

What comes after the branding workshop?

Once the workshop is complete we go away and distil the findings down into a brand perception report. This document lists out each activity and the results from each. It also contains our perspective on the outputs, and we’ll highlight contradictions and disconnects between stakeholders, and offer our insights on how they can be overcome alongside our recommendations for the brand.

Once stakeholders have read through the perception report we’ll typically have a call or short meeting with them to discuss and refine to a point where everyone is happy to move forward.

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