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Soto Consulting are experts in Brand Development. We operate a thorough and consultative process that includes ideation, creation, consultation and refinements. We often start our brand development process with a thorough phase of research. This ensure that all brand development decisions we make are based on fact not theory.


1. Build a Brand that will engage your target audience for years to come

2. Redevelop your brand to engage new markets and segments

3. Understand the Market Place you are trying to enter and the opportunities that exist

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What is brand development?

Brand development is the process of maintaining the quality, distinctive marketing assets, and consumer trust of a brand. Brand development is an ongoing process of serving consumers.

Your brand is your business’s personality, and it’s always in development.

Is there a difference between brand development and branding?
  • Brand development = the concept. Brand development is learning about and promoting a brand’s unique traits.
  • Branding = the execution. Branding is the tangible application of every communication method you use to promote your brand.


The 4 official steps in the brand development process


  1. Know your business — Define your brand’s core message
  2. Know your audience — identify and research your target customers
  3. Create your resources — spread brand awareness
  4. Manage your brand growth — track your progress

Bottom line: When you’re trying a new angle of brand development, your efforts need to be consistent with core brand values and customer expectations.

These examples show us that brand development doesn’t mean you have to make big changes to what you’re doing. It’s one thing to make a splash, it’s another to make a scene.

Don’t let the idea of brand development pressure you into making your business something it’s not.

Let's make awesome things, together.

Tell us about your story and your project.

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