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When delivering Communication services and support, we need to assess the track record – we need to deliver a communications audit.


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Trust between your organization and its key stakeholders is a key component to your business that you must nurture and grow. You rely on the quality of your communications efforts to build that trust. Are you reaching the right audiences with the right messages? Is your message consistent? Do you address your employees’ concerns?

To determine whether your communications tools are working well, you need a communications audit: a snapshot of your organization’s communications strategies, activities and programs.

Why do you need a communications audit?

A communications audit determines both how effective your current communications tools are, including their strengths and weaknesses, and provides recommendations and improvements necessary for your communications plan to work even better.

What are the benefits of executing a communications audit?

It improves communication within your organization and helps to build trust and commitment among employees. It also helps to determine the best ways to communicate with the external public in order to reach your organization’s goals.

Who can perform a communications audit?

You can get either internal staff to perform your audit or you can hire a communications audit professional.

How do you perform a communications audit?

Analyze your organization’s communications tools.

You will need a thorough check on key tools such as your website, annual report, newsletter, press releases, social media strategy and blog, etc.

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