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For your communications to be successful they must centre around the right engagement strategy. We can help you reach your engagement goals.


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What is a stakeholder engagement strategy?

Certain decisions made by organisations will affect and be of interest to many different stakeholder groups. For example, if a council wanted to build a memorial to honour local war veterans, they may consult relatives about the project, collaborate with a local sculptor on the design and inform the media to help promote its launch.

But not all stakeholder groups are created equal. Some may need to be kept updated daily on developments, while others only require occasional contact. A stakeholder engagement strategy will help you plan how often you need to communicate with the different groups and decide which tools to use for each one.

Why have a stakeholder engagement strategy?

Depending on which sector you work in, effective stakeholder engagement and collaboration can deliver more customers, better-formulated policy, well-managed projects, innovation and so much more.

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