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Within its Communications services portfolio, Soto Consulting offers grant writing services across a broad range of industries. We offer a full spectrum of grant services from opportunity mapping to win strategies.

Each year millions of dollars are granted to community groups by Governments, Corporate and philanthropic organisations. Funding agencies choose how to award grants based on the quality of the application not just the idea.


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EMDG Grant Support & Guidance Exports

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program is the Federal Government’s cornerstone funding program, encouraging Australian businesses to seek export opportunities for their goods, services and intellectual property.

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Service Details

Soto Consulting  offers expert grant writing and advisory services on grants ranging from major State and Federal funds, through to smaller, grass-roots or industry-based opportunities. By engaging Soto’s grant writing experts you will gain access to a broad range of business experience, and the skills it takes to bring grant application ideas and plans to life.

Our grant writing services support businesses across a myriad of industries in all corners of Australia. From Perth to Melbourne, we are guiding businesses in the opportunities available to support them in elevating their business through grant funding.

Why engage a Grant Writer?

With experience in assessing billions of dollars’ worth of grant applications and applying for tens of millions of dollars’ worth of funding on behalf of clients, Soto Consulting offers clients insights and experience into the funding process that you don’t see everyday.

We support all stages of grant writing

  • Apply / no apply analysis
  • Preparation of detailed cost summaries and business plans
  • Preparation and draft of grant application
  • Project management of grant preparation including arranging references, case studies and conducting initial research
  • Research review and strategy of grant requirements
  • Preparation of required documentation for grant submission.

Focused on Grant Win Strategies

A win theme or a win strategy is designed to separate you from the competition. It can include methods such as portraying yourself or business as being more capable than required. Simply providing more value than is needed for the grant requirements is an essential aspect of writing grants and if often not demonstrated by grant writers. Our team of expert writers utilise win themes in our client’s grants and have a high success record to show for it.

An investment in us is an investment in your businesses future success and growth as we will not only provide you with the initial tender writing service but also provide the foundations in which you may write grants in the future.

Our biggest tips for grant writing

  • Clearly describe the project and expected outcomes
  • Demonstrate strategic links to wider strategies or policy
  • Include accurate and up to date data about the problem you are hoping to solve
  • Demonstrate wider community support for the project and partneships with other organisations
  • Have a well thought out budget

Be Prepared

Understand what you or your organisation can provide and what it is you are after before applying for a grant. It is important to have a clear objective in place pre-emptive to applying for a grant in order to ensure that your application is clear, concise, and relevant to the grant.


It’s important that you use the terminology provided in the EOI or grant. The assessment panel likes hearing its own words and way of speaking. In addition, if you are presenting a complex business model with patents etc, simple terminology or infographics to describe these complex models are important.


If they allow 2500 words, write 2,500 words. Detail is important. It demonstrates you have an understanding of your product or service and a clear plan for the future. For grants such as the acceleration commercialisation grant, it’s important to address the requirements carefully and ensure that you understand the grant and its criteria. Keep note that you must remain objective-focused, meaning you must use precise language and sentence structure that is relevant for the grant application.

Clear budgets

Most grants will ask you for an estimate of the money you require and a budget. You must have the capacity to not only outline your budget needs and why, but also any other expenses you think you may incur. It is important to note your costs down and plan accordingly to avoid going over budget and incurring unnecessary expenses.

What is a grant?

A grant is an amount of money provided to an institution or individual to address a problem or need in a community. For this reason, Grants are focused heavily on things that can benefit and add value to the community in some form or another. It is also this reason why some individual or organisations have issues or questions when it comes to granting writing. Understandable, grant writing involves the ability to address the problem or need that the grant is designed for. As simple as that sounds there are some intricacies to help maximise your chances at writing a successful grant proposal.

Complimentary Services

We also offer a wide range of other complimentary services, ones relevant to this particular one are:
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Grant Writing Services

Within its Communications services portfolio, Soto Consulting offers grant writing services across a broad range of industries. We offer a full spectrum of grant services from opportunity mapping to win strategies.

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