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It is sometimes difficult to make your message compelling. We help businesses with the design of their pitch deck, presentations and powerpoint slides


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Getting people to understand your written message is more than just putting words on a computer screen or on paper. In today’s visual-oriented society, a message also has to look good.

Advertising executives, for example, spend a tremendous amount of time and money to design ads that have a memorable message and are eye-catching. When you read a training manual, you will see photographs or drawings to take you through the step-by-step instructions. In education, almost every textbook you read will have some type of visual, such as photographs and informational graphics. Pitch Decks also should incorporate basic Pitch Deck design principles. This publication will provide you with these basic design principles to enhance your written message.

Pitch Deck Design

Pitch Deck design is the process of choosing how to present all of the basic Pitch Deck elements so your Pitch Deck’s message is clear and effective. When a Pitch Deck is well designed, readers understand the information more quickly and easily. Readers feel more positive about the topic and more accepting of its message.

Pitch Decks can be designed specifically as print publications (a flier, newsletter, newspaper, brochure, or any handout) or as digital media. A PDF (Portable Pitch Deck Format) can be both of these as it offers both print and on-screen viewing capabilities. Regardless of the form, the Pitch Deck development process remains the same.

Pitch Deck Development toward Design and Delivery

First, consider the purpose of the Pitch Deck. The Pitch Deck’s purpose will help determine how much content will need to be included in the Pitch Deck and how it should be designed. Some questions you may need to ask yourself in determining the purpose include the following:

  • What do you want the Pitch Deck to do? Is the Pitch Deck going to persuade, inform, educate, or motivate your reader?
  • What do you want readers to be able to do after reading the Pitch Deck? For example, from reading your Pitch Deck, do you want readers to buy something, attend an event, learn a new skill?

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