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Your Digital Marketing Strategy plays a part in every other piece of marketing you are delivering. From your website to your file storage, every data touch point has a role to play in your digital strategy. For Soto Consulting, Digital means so much more than just SEO & advertising. We want to help you make all the smart and sustainable digital decisions.


1. Make Smart decisions with your digital marketing systems and processes

2. Build Digital Content that drives your audience to react

3. Drive organic growth in your digital channels before you invest in advertising

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We also offer a wide range of other complimentary services, ones relevant to this particular one are:

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A digital marketing plan is an essential tool for your business. Developing a digital marketing plan will help you identify what makes your business unique and how to get your message out to your audiences through a variety of digital channels. An in-depth and detailed approach to laying out your digital marketing strategy can reveal new opportunities and expand your reach. Focusing on a specific audience and identifying that audience’s needs, interests and pain points, will help deliver a more effective plan in achieving your marketing objectives.

Developing a Digital Strategy

The means to a great digital marketing strategy starts with a marketing strategy workshop. During this workshop you will want to cover the following questions with your team and marketing partners. Make sure to involve your company’s key players.

Ask The Hard Questions…
  • What has worked / hasn’t worked in the past?
  • What have been your biggest holdbacks last year?
  • What were the key accomplishments last year?
  • What are the goals for the next year? Next 5 years?
  • Who are your key competitors and how do you stack up?
  • Review target marketing and personas
  • What are your target audience challenges and pain points?
  • Review your sales approach and how marketing can better integrate with sales efforts
  • Review the vision for what looks different moving forward
  • Review any untapped opportunities and new marketing objectives
  • Discuss marketing budget

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