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Automation occurs in all aspects of marketing today. Sometimes it can be complex and time consuming to know what options for marketing automation are right for your business. That’s where we come in, we can help you assess, select and setup a wide variety of email, social media and website automations that ensure your audience are engaged as possible, as efficiently as possible.


1. Assess the automation options available in the marketplace

2. Map the automation opportunities that exist in your workflow

3. Select and launch a variety of automation interventions for your business

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At a fundamental level, marketing automation is about optimisation. From optimising your staff’s time, to optimising which customers your sales team focuses their effort on, the scope of marketing automation goes way beyond simply automating your marketing department’s repetitive tasks.

How does marketing automation benefit a business overall?

These are, in my opinion, the five key company-wide benefits of implementing a marketing automation solution.

1. Reduce your staffing costs

Using marketing automation software, one employee can compete with a 50-person marketing and sales department. How? By setting up lead nurturing and marketing campaigns that are automatically triggered based on certain criteria.

2. Increased revenue and average deal size

By automating your cross-sells, up-sells, and customer follow-ups you’ll likely notice an increase in your customer lifetime value. When you combine this with better lead management and prioritisation, it’s likely that your sales activity will produce a better ROI.

3. Improve accountability of marketing & sales teams

Marketing automation makes it very clear where the bottlenecks in your company are, thanks to having clearly defined processes, and birds-eye view reporting of the company’s pipeline.

4. Be more effective

No matter how large or small your team, you have a finite amount of resources to grow your business. Marketing automation enables you to squeeze more juice out of the hours available to you.

5. Less repetition, more creativity

When you replace manual repetitive work with automated rules and campaigns, you naturally free up your staff’s time to focus on more creative tasks.

How does marketing automation benefit the marketing team?

In this section, I want to focus specifically on how marketing automation enables marketers to be more effective and generate a higher ROI on their activity.

  • Refine your marketing processes
  • Target potential customers across multiple channels
  • Never stop A/B testing your campaigns
  • Boost customer lifetime value through up-sells and cross-sells
  • Take your marketing activity to an ultra-targeted level
  • Save time managing your social media campaigns
  • Schedule posts and campaigns ahead of time
  • Reduce the time it takes to create campaigns
  • Repurpose existing content to nurture leads
  • Better reporting on what’s working and what’s not
  • Reward your most loyal customers with a referral program

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